The sea beach at Chandipur is surely one among the finest beaches of the country, but with a plus. Here the waters recede five kilometres offshore and proceed rhythmically after a regular interval everyday. The sand-dunes green with wild creepers and the casuarina whistling with the breeze create a fantastic moment for a visitor absorbed in observing the play of the tide. It is well connected by regular bus service from Balasore.
The swaying casuarina trees and the shimmering waters of this seaside resort have made Chandipur a favourite haunt for a small coterie of beach lovers. The uniqueness of Chandipur is that twice a day its waters recede from the shore a good 5-km away, giving water revellers the ultimate pleasure of walking into its shallow depths with fearless abandon.
The beach offers gorgeous views of dynamic seascapes and timeless dawns. Other places of tourist interest around Balasore are Remuna, Panchaligeswar, Aradi and Chandaneswar.
Chandipur (16 kms) away from Balasore Railway Station on Howrah-Madras line of South Eastern ( S.E.) Railways annique beach where the sea water recedes about 5 kms during low-tide and advances to the shore line again during high-tides each day. An ideal beach resort of Orissa.