Puducherry is a storehouse of crafts, which is famous for pottery, mat weaving, papier-mache and clay dolls. It is also famous for weaving a variety of cloths like Satin, twill, corduroy, poplin, chambray, oxford cambric and khadi.

Puducherry is also famous for handcrafted papier-mache and dolls made of plaster of Paris. The dolls represent various Hindu deities and natural colours are used for the toys.

Mat weaving is a traditional craft of Puducherry. The material used is Kora grass while cotton or aloe thread is used in the weave, as aloe is available abundantly. The thread is taken from the leaves of aloe. The designs consist of horizontal and vertical stripes and floral designs. The popular floral designs are chittipoo, thethuthipoo and vazhaipoo, which are usually in red and are elaborately woven.

Pottery is a distinguished art in Pondicherry. In Auroville, one can find superb items of pottery, which are unparallel in beauty, design amd quality.

It is also a storehouse of antique furniture and curios and colonial furniture.

In Pondicherry - leather goods still retain the old world charm as exacting attention is paid to details and finish of leather products. So - you might as well expect some exotic leather products at Pondicherry stores.