Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh has a rich tradition of Bamboo and Cane Handicrafts and also Wood Carving and Carpet Weaving. The products reflect the rich and varied culture of the tribes inhabiting this enchanting State and the products featured are representative of the wide range of Handicrafts produced in the State.

From the viewpoint of the art and culture the state may be very conveniently divided into three zones. The first of these zones includes the Buddhist tribe; the second occupies the central part (from east Kameng in the west to Lohit in the east); and the third zone is the eastern part of the territory.

The people of the first zone make beautiful masks. They also make exquisite painted wooden vessels and silver articles. Carpet making is a specialty of the Monpas, the Buddhist community. Carpets with exotic designs of dragons, geometric and floral patterns are made here.

Those of the second zone are expert workers in cane and bamboo. Hats, baskets, canes vessels, cane belts - woven and plain, bamboo mugs and carvings, a wide variety of ornaments and jewellery items are all crafted by workmen. The shawls and jackets, shoulder bags and coats all stand for the perfection that the people have attained in this art.

The people of the third zone are famous for their wooden carvings. The Monpa wood carver scoopes out beautiful cups, dishes and fruit bowls and magnificent ceremonial masks for dances and pantomimes. Another tribe that is framed for this art is the Khamptis who carve out beautiful religion images, figures of dancers, toys and other objects. They weave beautiful bags and loincloths too. Goat's hair, ivory, boar's tus, beads of agate and the stones as well as of brass and glass are specialties of the people of this zone.