Lakshadweep is a land blessed with the best of nature. Known for everything different, tribal people in Lakshadweep have given birth to unique handicrafts and dance forms. The art and crafts of Lakshadweep have strange resemblance with that of Kerala because the people of Lakshadweep are very much similar to that of Keralites.

The costume of the Lakshadweep women include embroidered jacket that reflects the handicraft of Lakshadweep. Folk ballads singing of the historical past is common during household occasions and festivities. Themes include the coming of Hazrat Ubaidullah in Lakshadweep, the ransack of the islands under the Portuguese. Kolkali, Dandi, Parichakali, Fuli, Thara, Bandiya and Lava Dance are famous art forms in practice in Lakshadweep. Thus, arts and crafts in Lakshadweep are a colorful conglomeration in a large variety.