Sapthasagara Tirtha


Sapthasagara Tirtha is located in the close proximity to Sri Uthvaganatha Swami Temple in Thirumanancheri (Thirumanjeri). Sapthasagara Tirtha (holy spring containing water from seven seas) in Thirumanancheri is a holy tank in this place.

It is believed that a dip in the holy water of Sapthasagara Tirtha will do well to the childless couples. Many couples in need of a child offer their prayers at the temple and take a dip at the holy water. After taking bath in the Tirtha, the devotees offer milk pudding to planet Raghu to get good results. The devotees visiting the temple town of Thirumanancheri unfailingly visit this holy spring to take an aesthetic bath in the Sapthasagara Tirtha.