Sai Darbar Temple


A crown in the secular fabric of the Indian society, the Sai Darbar temple in Dehradun presents the secular feeling in its zenith. A unique shrine, which accepts all people irrespective of their caste and creed, this pretty abode of almighty can be described as the celebration of humanity. Sai Darbar Temple is a famous pilgrimage centre in the hill resort.

Built with glittering marble stones, this marvelous shrine presents an eye-catching spectacle to the visitor. Placed in a hilly terrain, the Sai Darbar Temple gives a tranquil and serene ambiance to the devotees and poses an ideal setting for the aficionado to carry out spiritual needs.

The Sai Darbar Temple enjoys a high devout as well as artistic value, which allures not only the pious minded but also the tourists. The chief idol is positioned in the core of the temple. The interior of the temple is ornamented with exquisite paintings with enchanting colours. The serene atmosphere of the temple is imposing in the evenings with the prayer sessions.