The famous Chaumu Temple is located at Pancheswar near the confluence of two rivers, Saryuand and Mahakali. The spot where the rivers meet is considered sacred and is also the area where India meets its neighboring country Nepal.

The temple’s deity Chaumu is a form of Lord Shiva and is worshipped as it is believed to protect animals, which is one of the main wealth assets of the locals around here. The deity is offered milk and bells as a part of the offerings in return for its blessings. Villagers from the close by village of Sail come here in large numbers to give their offerings as well as during the time of the temple’s annual fair.

Due to the confluence of two rivers at Pancheswar, it is a popular base camp for anglers who enjoy the fishing activity, especially the mahseer fish variety.

The road at Pancheswar ends on a sign: Seema Sampat which means End of Limit.