Madhav National Park


Located in Shivpuri District of Madhya Pradesh, Madhav National Park was a hunting place of the Gwalior royal family and the British. Spread over a wide area of 157 sq km Madhav National Park houses the natural fauna with its entire splendor. The rare opportunity of viewing the wild animals in their natural habitat is a remarkable experience. The park is also rich in bird life.

Sakhya Sagar boat club in the park offers the colourful vision of the bird species of the park. The other important structure, George Castle, provides the marvelous view of the entire park and one should not spare the awesome sight of viewing sunset from this magnificient structure.

Though the park is functioning through out the year, visitors have to arrange their trip in accordance with the park timings. Tourists can choose either the morning slot that is between 6.30 am to 10 am or the late afternoon slot which is arranged between 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm. The entry fee in the park is fixed as 15 rupees for Indians, and 150 rupees for foreigners. Vehicles and movie camera will fetch an additional amount of 50 and 200 respectively while for a still camera one have to pay only 25 rupees. The park also has the facilities of expert guides at the cost of 50 rupees.

A journey through the neatly built roads inside the park, watching the rare species of the animal kingdom is really an unforgettable experience.