Ma Tara Temple


The serene village of Tarapith is popular due to the Ma Tara temple enshrining a murti of the Goddess Tara in the form of Kali Devi. Many legendary stories are floating in the village pointing to the temple history and establishment. The present temple is built by Jagannath Ray of Mallarpur village in 1225.

The Idol of the Shakti is covered by a golden mask during the day and the mask is removed during the nights. It is believed that two snakes were held in the hands of Goddess and Lord Siva is placed in her lap. A burning ground, Pyre of Sati, is also seen nearby the temple. The gates are inscribed with the story of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Thousands of devotees visit every day at this temple and pay their respect. Married women folk to this temple to get long married life.