Harshat Mata Temple


Harshat Mata Temple, which dates back to the same period as Chand Baori (8th - 9th centuries AD) and lies just opposite it, is well worth a visit. Harshat Mata is the Goddess of Happiness and Joy and devotees believe that the Goddess is always cheerful and imparts her joy to them.

Harshat Mata Temple, an eighth century temple, is presently in a ruined state. The architecture and the motifs on the temple indicate its history going back to centuries. The original temple was dedicated to Lord Vishnu, but present sanctum is adorned by an image of four armed Harasiddhi, known as Harshat Mata, identified as Devi Parvati.

The sculptures in this temple remind the tradition of Gupta kings, the sculptures being of romantic dances, musical symbols and garden spots. For those having interests in historical monuments, visit to this temple is worthy.