Dhyan Badri Temple


Located at an elevated site of 1920 meters, the Dhyan Badri temple has a strong association with the legendary Pandavas. The popular belief is that the Pandavas had chosen Pandukeshar as their abode after they have abdicated the throne of Hasthinapur. The temple at Pandukeshar is named after the Pandavas and the presiding deity has figured in a pensive position. Dhyan Badri temple is regarded as one among the Panch Kedars where lord Shiva is the chief deity. The lord in a brooding pose is so marvelous that tit fills the minds of the devotees with an eerie feeling.

One of the specialties of this holy shrine is that the temple priest does not reside in the temple premises and it is also a matter of surprise that the priest in this temple does not belong to the Brahmin community.