Dakhil Darwaza


Built in 1425 and also known as Salami Darwaza it was once the main entry for the fort. It is more than 21 metres high and 34.5 metres wide.

The eastern bank of the River Bhagirathi is home to the remnants of a huge fort, the northern gate of which is known as Dakhil Darwaza or Salami Darwaza built in 1425. This gate also served as the main entry to the fort earlier. The gate boasts a height of 21 metres and a width of 34.5 metres. The entire structure is built with small red bricks and terracotta carving. The four corners of the Dakhil Darwaza are topped with five-storey high towers. Some historical buildings near this site that can be visited include Sona Mosque and Qadam Rasul Mosque.