Dahanu Fort


Located 24km from Bordi, Dahanu Fort was captured by the Marathas in 1739. Later under the Treaty of Bassein it was taken over by the British. This small fort is situated on the banks of the river and built of stone. The fort used to be a jail but now it is a tourist attraction.

Before Independence, the Dahanu Fort was in the hands of the British. After freedom, the fort was converted into a jail. It is one of the tourist attractions of Dahanu.

In January 1739, the fort of Dahanu was captured by the Marathas under the leadership of Chimaji Rao Appa. Around 1817 AD, the fort was taken over by the British through a ‘Treaty of Bassein’.

The fort is on the north bank of the river, at a short distance from its mouth. The fort is built of cut stones. The walls are 38 feet high and 10 feet thick. They were in excellent condition, but in 1818 the terraces were ruined.