The Chhatris are dedicated to the Scindhias. They are the cenotaphs of Madho Rao Scindhia and his queen.

The royal tombs of the Scindias are situated in a baroque Mughal Garden with green orchards, pleasant corners under beautiful flowering trees, and crisscrossed pathways. Spectacular mugal pavilions decorated with beautiful lampshades, Chhatris depicts the cenotaphs of late kings and Queens of the Scindia clan. The monuments of Madhav Rao Scindia and dowager queen Maharani Sakhya are really attractive for their amusing Hindu and Islamic architectural styles.

The elegant, elaborately decorated marble monuments (cenotaphs) put up by Scindia princes are exceptional for their excellent marble inlay. Traditionally dressed employees carry out rituals and other activities with utmost dedication before the statues. In the evenings, the silence is broken by recital of classical ragas which fills the elegant ambiance with excellent music. The entry fee to a family of four is rupees 10 only.

The Chhatris of Shivpuri are built of marble. They are very beautifully decorated. The elegance of the embellishments is indeed very admirable. The Chhatris of Madho Rao Scindhia and his queen Maharani Sakhya Raje Scindhia stand facing each other and there is a water tank in between. The Chhatris are a unique blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture. They have shikhara type spires and there are several pavilions that bear close resemblance to Rajput and Mughal pavilions. Life size portraits of the Scindhias are there within the Chhatris and these are religiously worshipped with flowers and incense.