Chettiar Clan Temple


There are total nine clan temples (family temples) for the Chettiar community. The temples are in the nine clusters of the villages forming the Chettinad. The clan temples are granted by the Pandya Kings. The nine Chettiar Clan temples are at Velankudi, Soorakudi, Nemam, Vairavanpatti, Ilayathangudi, Iranikoil, Pillaiyarpatti, Iluppakudi and Mathur.

The Chettiar clan temple of llayathangudi is an ancient temple built on 707 AD and is located at the heartland of Chettinad. The temple is renowned for the exquisite and unique architectural brilliance. The temple is decorated with the unique style of Chettiar community.

This temple houses many beautiful structures of various Gods and Goddesses. The idols include those for local legendary characters as well. It has the biggest temple tank in the region.