Black Thunder


Black Thunder is the Asia's Number 1 theme park, which is built to entertain and cherish the people. The theme park is nuzzled with outstanding natural and scenic beauty along with the greeny hills of Nilgiris and a chill covering of trees.

This water park is an excellent place, where you can ultimately enjoy and have fun. You can see people hanging around the place and screaming with excitement. You can swim, jump, slid, and float on water as the water park covers 65 acres of exciting and venturous rides. If you decide to take off from your work and like to enjoy, then Black Thunder will be the best choice of you destination.

It is situated at 41 km from Coimbatore and 40 km from Ooty. The nearest railway stations are Mettupalayam, Coimbatore and Tiruppur. The nearest airport is Coimbatore.