Bara Imambara


Famed as the largest arch room with out any pillars, Bara Imambara alias Asfai Imambara is an exciting combination of unfussiness of style, evenness and proportion. Built in the year 1784, Bara Imambara happens to be the most significant monument in the city. It was constructed by the fourth Nawab, Barak Imambara Asaf-ud-Daula and the popular belief is that this colossal structure holds immense treasures inside it.

The central hall of the monument has gained much acclamation from world wide for its structural excellence and technical expertise. A large open space with 50m long and 15m width is constructed with out any external support. The balcony in the hall is another lure since it echoes whispering sounds through out the main hall. A web called Bhool Bhullaiyya borders the main hall on the first floor and a step well connects the building to the river by tunnel. Bara Imambara compound also houses the mausoleums of Asaf-ud-Daula and his family.

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