Bahrot Caves


20km from Sanjaan, at a height of 1500ft is the Bahrot Mountain. In 1351 during the Muslim invasion, Zoroastrians hid in these mountains for 13 years. The Zoroastrians brought the holy Iranshah flame along with them when they went into hiding. The fire has been burning in the cave since then. Many people go to the caves to pay their respects to these ancestors.

Bahrot mountain is 1500 feet high. It is located 20 km south of Sanjaan. The brave Zarathosti ancestors hid themselves from the Muslim invaders among these mountains. They were in hiding for 13 long years. This incident took place in the year 1351 AD. The ‘Iranshah Flame’ was also taken by the Zarathosti to Bahrot.

Inside the main cave, a Jashan can be performed, to pay respect to those brave men, who gave their lives to keep the Iranshah Atash Behram burning for ever. Even today the Holy Fire is burning, and it is given the most eminent grade of devoted fire in the world.