Ancient Mounds


Three mounds from the Harappan period can be found in Banawali, Kunal and Agroha. The mound in Banawali, 15kms from Fatehabad, reveals a fortified town (BC 2500 – 1700). Its inhabitants lived in brick houses and used clay pottery, beads of semi-precious stones and bangles, worshipping a mother goddess set in terracotta.

The Kunal excavations are pretty similar, although they bring to light that the Harappans went through three stages of development; from pit houses to regular rectangular and square dwellings above the surface.
The Agroha mound goes back to the 3rd century BC and is where Harappan coins were discovered apart from stone sculptures, terrracotta seals, iron and copper implements, shells and a host of other things. However, don’t count on seeing one of these; they’ve being shifted into museums across the country long ago.