Amirthaghateswarar Shrine


Amirthaghateswarar Shrine in Thirukkadaiyur is a famous temple dedicated to Amirthaghateswarar, a form of Lord Shiva. People worship in this temple to get long life. The temple legends go with the story of Markendeya.

The temple, located in a vast expanse of 11 acres, was constructed in the grand temple architecture style of the Cholas. It has five Prakarams, attractive mandapams and imposing temple towers. The temple history tells that the construction was in 11th century AD.

Thousands of devotees visit this temple to offer prayers to Lord Shiva to gain long life. It is believed that it was at this place Markendeya was rescued from the hands of death by Lord Shiva. Markendeya embraced Shiva Linga when Yama tried to Capture Markendeya to death. The rope (Kala Pasam) put over Markendeya fell over the Shivalinga and still the marks of the Kala Pasam were seen on the Shiva Linga at this temple.

As the death was conquered at this holy temple at Tirukkadaiyur, it is very usual to see couples with husband completing 60 years of age (sashti-abta-poorthi) make it a point to visit this temple and offer prayers for long life.