Alamagir Mosque


Commonly known as the Beni Madhav Ka Darera, the mosque was built by Aurangzeb after destroying a Vishnu temple that stood on the site. The lower portion of the mosque and the enclosure walls are entirely in Hindu designs while the rest of it is in Mughal design.

Alamgir Mosque, built by the Mughal Emperor Aurangaseb, has the unique distinction of being the largest structure located on the banks of the river Ganges in Varanasi. It is believed that the Mosque is placed at a place where a majestic Krishna temple was located. This temple was destroyed and the Mosque was constructed at that place during Mughal invasion in India.

The Mosque is at a picturesque location overlooking Panchganga Ghat and is bordered by the majestic Ganges. The architectural style of the mosque is a blend of Hindu and Persian styles of construction and is very imposing. The edifice is magnificent with carved pillars, turrets and marvelous domes.

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