Aguada Beach


Aguada Beach is one of the popular beaches of India, located towards the northern part of Goa. Aguada Beach, situated near the merging point of River Mandovi in the Arabian Sea, is famous among water sports lovers.

Aguada Beach has an ancient history. It was a part of Old Goa, an ancient city built by the Bijapur Sultanate on the banks of the River Mandovi in the 15th century. This city was built with a moat around it and enclosed the royal palace, mosques and temples. The Portuguese captured Old Goa in the 16th century and it became the capital of Portuguese India.

The port city of Old Goa was transformed into a major commercial hub under the colonial rule of the Portuguese and it soon became the target of many. In order to prevent the invasion of Old Goa from the Dutch and the Marathas, the Portuguese built a Fort in 1612 with a moat around it, on the shores of River Mandovi, towards the South of Candolim. Later a circular 4-storey lighthouse was constructed in 1864 in the centre of this Fort.

Aguada Beach got its name from the Fort Aguada, which in turn was derived from the fresh water spring that existed within the Fort, utilised to provide water (Aguada) for the ships passing by.

Aguada Beach can be easily reached by road. It is well connected to all major destinations within the State of Goa. November to March is the best time to visit Aguada Beach.