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Sikar is a historical city, located in the Shekhawati region and is second most developed city in the state after Jaipur. It was the largest and the richest ‘thikana’ (Feudal State) under Jaipur. The town was modelled to resemble the city plan of Jaipur.


Sikar is a Historical City and at present district head quarter. Sikar district presents a good many facts for the tourists. Sikar is as much part of Shekhawati as Jhunjhunu. It was the biggest Thikana (Estate) of the Jaipur State. It lie on the highway 11 in the midway on route Bikaner to Agra . It is 116 Km away from the Jaipur, 320Km from Jodhpur 240 Km from Bikaner and 301 Km. from Delhi. Sikar was the capital town of the Tikana Sikar.
It is escorted all around by the highwalls comprising of seven gates. The primitive name of Sikar was ‘Beer Bhan Ka Bass’. In order of mitigate the enmity on account of the murder of Daulat Singh’s father Jaswant Singh , Bahadur Singh the raja of Khandela gifted the village to Daulat Singh . He laid down the foundation stone of the fort on the raised ground of this village. Lateron his son Shiv Singh who was very strong ,clever, courageous and bold made a magnificent fort on it. Shiv Singh was the most prominent Rao Raja of Sikar. He developed the village into a beautiful town. It is surrounded by a strong boundary wall . He was a religious man.



Sikar can be approached by road from Delhi, Jaipur or Bikaner, all of which are connected by air.


The Shekhawati Express runs daily between Delhi, and Jaipur stopping at Jhunjhunu, Mukundgarh and Sikar.


The town of Sikar is connected by road with Jaipur, Delhi and Bikaner.