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Nagaur, lies midway between Jodhpur and Bikaner, is an arid area and known for farming communities such as Jats and Bishnois. The place is mainly noteworthy for the rustic rural charm and colorful life seen on the way. It was originally inhabited by the Naga Rajputs and was known as Acichhatrapur, the capital of Jangledesh. It was later ruled by the Chauhan and Muslim rulers.

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Nagaur finds mention even in the Mahabharata. The kingdom of Ahichhatrapur which Arjuna is said to have conquered and subsequently offered to his Guru Dronacharya, was perhaps some of the area of the Nagaur district. It was the capital of Jangaldesh. The foundation of city dates back to 4th century BC. Nagas originally ruled over this place and about 7th century onwards the Chauhans became the overlords of Nagaur and it was included in Sapadalaksha.
Nagaur city was at the centre of Muslim invasion from Central Asia. The Nagaur fort is the famous place of historical importance.



The airport at Jodhpur is the nearest one from Nagaur (138 km). Flights from Jodhpur connect to numerous major destinations in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur and Jaipur. From Jodhpur, taxis are available to reach Nagaur.


Nagaur has a railway station of its own. Jaipur Bikaner Intercity Express connects it to Jaipur and Bikaner while Howrah- Jaipur Express connects it to Kolkata. However, there are no direct trains to and from Delhi and Mumbai.


By Road, Nagaur can be approached by two routes from Jaipur. The first one is via Sikar while the other one is via Jodhpur. Some important road distances from Nagaur are Agra 550 kms, Delhi 554 kms, Jodhpur 135 kms, Ajmer 162 kms, Nathdwara 362 kms, Jaisaalmer 312 kms (via Phalodi, Pokaran) and Bharatpur 494 kms.

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Summer 22-40°C, Winter 12-33°C
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August to March