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Muzaffar Nagar

Muzaffarnagar was establish in 1633, by Sayyid Munawar Lashkar Ali, and named Muzaffarnagar in honour of his father, Sayyid Muzaffar Ali Khan, who was appointed ruler of this region by the Mogul Emperor Akbar.


The area witnessed the arrival of Aryans from the present Punjab and, in the Ramayana-Mahabharata epic period, it was considered a part of the Kuru (East) Mahajanapada territory; Usinara and Panchala Mahajanapadas were its eastern neighbours then. According to a local tradition, the legendary Mahabharata war - between the Kauravas and the Pandavas - was fought in the fields of the present village of 'Pachenda' and their army camps were located respectively at the sites now famous as 'Kaurawali' and 'Pandavli'. Being close to Hasthinapur and Kurukshetra, it should have been important during Mahabharata period.


Rail: Many trains are available from Delhi reaching Muzaffarnagar in 2 to 3 hours.

Road: It lays on National Highway No. 58, Delhi to Dehradun. Muzaffarnagar District is well connected by Rail and Road Network. Muzaffarnagar is 120 Km. from Delhi.