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Mirzapur is a city renowned for its famous carpet and brassware industry.


It is also locally believed that the Mirzapur was founded by Raja Nanner and was known as Girijapur, but after the British conquest it came to be known as Mirzapur. The earliest mention of the town is found in the writings of Tieffenthaler, who drew up his description of the country between 1760 and 1770. He mentioned it under the name of Mirzapur, especially as a great mart. In the records of Jonathan Duncan, who was a resident of Varanasi, frequent mention is made of the place as Mirzapur. Before 1 April 1989, Mirzapur was the largest district of India. Mirzapur is also a Naxalite hot spot.


Air: Nearest airport is at Varanasi.


Road: The National Highway 7 passes through Mirzapur.