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Built in the year 1800 AD by Meer Khuda Buksh, Taal Katore-ki-Karbala is a significant spot of the Shia Muslims of Lucknow. Karbalas usually portrays the customary rites prevalent among the shia Muslims of Lucknow which is having greater influence on the lifestyle of the said community. Tall Katore-ki-Karbala is an important monument where the tomb of the great Shia Martyr Hazrat Hussain's Rauza situates.

This shrine normally witnesses huge gatherings especially on the eve of Muharam it is just like a human ocean. This splendid monument of the medieval period shows exemplary artworks. Three minarets and a central dome shaped structure give it a grandiose appeal. Apart from that this karbala is located in the green ambiance of thick woods that makes the serene environ more scenic.