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Saas bahu Temple


Nadga is a sleepy little village, northwest of Udaipur, that is home to the beautiful Saas Bahu Temple complex. Nagda originally called as Nagdhara was founded by 4th Mewar King Nagaditya in the 6th century. the city was former capital of Mewar dynsty who ruled over nagda for seven generations. After the Mewar rule ended, the administartion of Nagda changed many hands. Different rules built many temples in and around the town of Nagda. Ruins of Shiva and Vishnu temples are found in plenty.

Nagda is known for the Saas Bahu Temple Complex, built by King Mahapala in the 10th century. The complex includes a cluster of Temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the two main temples are situated very close to each other, hence the name Saas Bahu. While the name would seem to imply a Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law relationship, the Saas Bahu Temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu date back over 1,000+ years. The larger temple with a torana in front is called Saas while the smaller temple has octagonal ceilings and is called as Bahu. Both are constructed on a common platform.