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Dilkusha Kothi


A former hunting lodge of the ruling reign, Dilkusha Kothi on the riverbanks of Gomati shows unique architecture and exceptional structural designs. Dilkusha Kothi was later converted in to a summer palace of the royal family. Built in the year 1800 AD by Major Gore, this Baroque style citadel with excellent decorative walls stands elegantly in the midst of vibrant greenery. The specialty of this 18th century monument is the absence of inner courtyards with less significant trails. Though the monument is not extended in to a wide area like the typical buildings of that time, it looks taller than that of the traditional Indian buildings.

During the time of First war of Indian independence, Dilkusha Kothi had received heavy shelling. Now what remain is only a few towers and external walls along with the sprawling garden. Now this monument is under the control of ASI, which tries to restore its former glory.