Daman and Diu

Dance and Music are very much part of the daily life of Damanite. Here is a true fusion of cultures - tribal, urban, European and Indian. This ornate amalgam is reflected in the traditional dances of Daman. Various Portuguese dances are well preserved and still widely presented. Tribal dances with caustic social comments are much in vogue. Incredible India Tours with Indian Travel agent.

Folk Dance Festival is one of the main festivals in Daman and Diu. Being a Portuguese colony, Daman and Diu inherit wonderful customs where east and west meet to give a new form of custom. There are various kinds of dances like Mando Dance, Verdigao and Vira dance which are the main attractions of folk dance festival in Daman and Diu. Incredible India Tours with Indian Travel agent. This dance festival makes the ambience lively and energetic. This dance festival is celebrated by both elder and younger generations. Traditional and the contemporary dance performances can be experienced during these festival days. The main aim of the festival is to eat drink and make merry. Garba dance is one of the eminent names amongst the traditional dances.

Garba festival is a popular dance festival of Gujarat. This festival is celebrated with great solemnity and majesty in Daman and Diu. The main occasion takes place for nine days where young boys and girls celebrate by dancing in colorful clothes and accessories. The celebration takes place in honor of Goddess Amba where devotional songs and dances are performed. The festival commences with traditional rituals of Devi Amba. The dance and all the rituals hold individual significances. In Daman and Diu Garba does not remain restricted within Gujarati but all the people from different community come and take part to make the festival a grand event. Incredible India Tours with Indian Travel agent.