Kannur (Cannanore)


Kannur an important sea town, also called as Cannanore lies between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea.
Mythological legends suggest the name was derived from “Kannan” meaning Lord Krishna and “Ur” meaning place. Name is also derived from Kanathur, an ancient village in Kannur district.
A coastal tow , it was a port and in important trading centre in Kerala attracting travelers from far of destinations like Europe, China and the Arab world.

Kannur has some of the most beautiful beaches and backwaters to visit. The town is important in the production of handlooms and is famous for folk art and music.

Kannur district derived its name from the location of its headquarters at Kannur town. The old name 'Cannanore' is the anglicised form of the Malayalam word Kannur. According to one opinion, 'Kannur' is a derivation from Kanathur, an ancient village, the name of which survives even today in one of the wards of Kannur municipality. Another version is that Kannur might have assumed its name from one of the deities of the Hindu pantheon, a compound of two words, 'Kannan' (Lord Krishna) and 'ur' (place) making it the place of Lord Krishna. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the deity of the Katalayi Srikrishna temple was originally installed in a shrine at Katalayi Kotta in the southeastern part of the present Kannur town.

A land that has a rich past and flourishes in legends and myths, Kannur located in Kerala is a small and a beautiful city. Far away from the bustling city life, nestled away in the northern most corner of Kerala, is this enchanting city of Kerala. If you want to experience the beauty of India in Kerala, traveling to Kannur would be the best option. The tourism in Kannur is fast catching up, as it is one of the most preferred destinations in Kerala. Check out our related sections that tell you more about the attractions of Kannur.

The Lakshadweep Sea washes the golden sands of shores of Kannur in the west. The scenery is absolutely spectacular. The turquoise blue water, coconut fringed shoreline and lush green landscape, all make this beautiful city of Kannur the most visited place in Kerala. The place has a rich historical past and one can see the beautiful merging of the past with the present.

In our related sections, you shall find information regarding how to reach Kannur, the various tourist attractions that are worth visiting, places that can be visited through excursions from Kannur along with information on beaches, forts and famous wildlife sanctuaries. So come to Kannur and surrender yourself to the untouched beauty of nature.


In early 9th century the Chera dynasty established their political power and ruled till ~1100 A.D with their capital at Mahodayapuram - part of present day Kannur District.

Kannur has been visited by many famous people like historians of Tangier, The famous Buddhist pilgrim Fahian and Ibn Batuta. In 1205 AD when Marco Polo visted their area, he described it as Europia of spice trade.
Kannur was the capital of the Kolathiri Rajas for several centuries - who were the power to reckon with at the time of the arrival of the Portuguese towards the end of the 15th century to the southern coast of India



The closest Airport to Kannur is Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode which is at a distance of around 114 km. Flights from here connect daily to Coimbatore, Delhi, Kochi, Mumbai and Chennai. There are also flights to Goa (thrice a week), Trichy (twice a week) and Trivandrum (once a week). Taxis for Kannur are available, though a bit costly.


Kannur Station operates trains that run to Ernakulam and Trivandrum (Cannanore, Netravati and Parsurama Express), Mumbai (Netravati and Mangla Lakshadweep Express), Delhi (Mangla Lakshadweep, Trivandrum Rajdhani) and Chennai (Mangalore Mail).


By road, Kannur is connected to various destinations within and outside Kerala. The KSRTC Bus Stand opposite the Collector's office in Kannur is the starting point of many buses like Kasodgarh (89 km), Kozhikode (86 km) and Mangalore (138 km). Buses also run to Kalpetta, Ponnani, Palakkad, Thrissur, Ernakulam and Bangalore.

STD Code
Summer 23-37°C, Winter 13-30°C
Best time to visit
October to June