Sprawling over an area of 1,801.98 sq km, Jamtara is located in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is one of the twenty-four districts of Jharkhand and was formed on 26th April 2001. The district comprises 4 blocks, which were carved out from Dumka District namely, Kundhit, Nala, Jamtara and Narayanpur. Situated at a lower altitude of Chota Nagpur plateau, this district has 3 Vidhan Sabha constituencies. Located at an average elevation of 155 metres, a city with the same name is present in Jamtara District, which is a notified area.

Jamtara is popular for Parwat Vihar Park located around 5 km from the railway station. The park has many facilities for amusements, plenty of landscapes and sculptures. There is also an old temple of Goddess Kali, popularly known as Raksha Kali temple, located very close to the Rajbari. The Chanchala Mandir is another tourist attraction located in the centre of the town. Maithon Lake enhanced by Maithon Dam in the Dhanbad District, is another attraction.

From Jamtara, a trip can be taken to Asansol, situated in the Bardhaman District. The Nehru Park and Satabdi Park of Asansol are the other attractions. Another nearby popular destination of Asansol is Joychandi Pahar, which is a popular as a picnic spot. Chittaranjan is an important town in Asansol subdivision of Burdwan District. It is famous for Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, an Indian Government railway factory. The city of Dhanbad nearby Jamtara has a number of sightseeing places like Jharia, Bhuli, SteelGate, Sijua and Bhadri Chack.

Jamtara is a popular location for those looking for adventure, as the town has high cliffs, clear waters and thick forests. All these features make it a suitable spot for vacationing.

According to the chronicles of history, it is said that the district was under the reign of Hetampur Raj and Bardhaman Maharaja-Dhiraj, when it was a part of Birbhum. The culture of the destination has been influenced by former raj families and zamindars, who resided here. Two of the most prominent people who influenced the culture of the destination include the Raja of Jamtara and the zamindar family of Jamjuri.

Dense jungles, rivers and high cliffs along with several sightseeing places are the main attractions of Jamtara. Located at a distance of few kilometres from the destination, there is an ancient temple, dedicated to Goddess Kali, which is visited by number of tourists every year. Situated in close proximity to Rajbari, there is a temple known as Raksha Kali Temple. Another prominent temple of the place is Chanchala Mandir, located within Jamtara.

Flights, buses and trains, are available for reaching Jamtara. Those travelling by air from different parts of India can board flights to Ranchi Airport, also known as Birsa Munda Airport. This is the nearest domestic airport, which is located at a distance of 234 km from the destination. On the other hand, tourists travelling from different parts of the world can board flights to the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, which is located in Kolkata, at a distance of around 252 km.

Trains are available from different parts of India such as Amritsar, Delhi and Kolkata, which are served by the Jamtara Railway Station. In addition, buses are also available, which operate from all the regions located within the state of Jharkhand. The best time to explore this beautiful place is during the summer months, which extend from March to May.