Garhwa town is situated in the district of Garhwa which comes under the state of Jharkhand. This town has an elevation of 197 metres above sea level and is the administrative headquarters of this district. The entire district of Garhwa is part of the Palamu Division, situated on the banks of the Sone River. Towards the south, the district is bordered by Surguja District and on the west it shares its borders with the Sonebhadra District.

Garhwa District is famous for the Parasdih Waterfalls, Gursandhu Waterfalls, Hisatu Falls and Sukhdari Waterfalls. The district is known for the ancient Radha Krishna Mandir that has idol made of 32 mand of gold. It is also popular for the old Goddess Bhagawati temple, Vanshidhar temple and Garhdevi Mandir.

Other prominent sites in the district are Merul, Tiluag, Sukhaldari, Saruat Pahar and Raja Pahari. The Kanjia village in Garhwa is one of the famous religious sites, which has the Catholic Ashram established in 1937.

The district was carved out from Palamu District on 1st April 1991, which consisted of 8 blocks including Garhwa. Garhwa and Bhawanathpur are the two main Vidhan Sabha constituencies in the district that are part of Palamu Lok Sabha Constituency. Some of the main tourist spots in the region are Catholic Ashram, Parasdih Waterfalls, Sukhdari Waterfalls, Radha Krishna Temple and Vanshidar Temple.

Garhwa town is located at a distance of 140 km from the nearest airport in Varanasi. Taxis and buses are easily available from this airport to reach the main town of Garhwa. The destination can be reached by road by taking the main road connecting this town with Nagar Untari. There is a railway station in Garhwa which is served by Eastern Railways and connects the town with all major destinations.

The entire region experiences tropical wet and dry climate, which makes it suitable for visiting throughout the year. Garhwa also enjoys moderate rainfall from July to September, making the weather cool and pleasant. Early winter months from October to November are best for sightseeing and enjoying adventure activities in the region.