Dooars, are flood plains and the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in North-East India around Bhutan, specially noted for its wildlife sanctuaries. It is derived from the word 'doors' (doors to Bhutan), this region also forms a gateway to the hill stations of North Bengal, Sikkim, Bhutan & the North-Eastern states.

(Dooars, also spelt as Duars, refers to the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in the north-eastern region of India. The Sankosh River and the Western Dooars divide the region geographically. It encompasses different types of forests, including the Gorumara National Park, Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and Buxa Tiger Reserve. )


This region was controlled by the Kingdom of Bhutan when the British annexed it in 1865 after Bhutan War under the command of Captain Hedayat Ali. The area was divided into two parts; the eastern part was merged with Goalpara district in Assam whereas the western part as turned into a new district namely; Western Dooars. Again in the year 1869 the name was changed to Jalpaiguri District. Some part of the region was the western part of the Kamarupa kingdom that later gave rise to the Kamata kingdom in the 13th century. The most important dynasty that ruled this kingdom was that of Koch dynasty. Maharaja Biswa Singha’s ancestor was Haria Mandal, an indigenous chieftain of the Koch tribe. The western portion of this kingdom, Koch Bihar, remained unaffected by the great changes that overtook its surrounding provinces in the decade following the battle of Plassey in 1757. However, it was invaded by Bhutan in the latter half of the 18th century, which prompted a formal treaty of alliance with the British in 1775. Upon the extinguishing of British rule in India in 1947, the state acceded unto the dominion of India and it merged with the Union of India shortly afterwards in 1949.



The nearest airport is Bagdogra connecting Kolkata, Delhi and Guwahati.


There is broadgauge rail connection between New Jalpaiguri and Mal, Madarihat, Nilpara, Jainti, Mainaguri, Dhupguri and Falakata. Metregauge rail connection between Siliguri and most spots.


The most convenient entry point to Dooars is through Siliguri by road. Regular bus connections between Siliguri and most important spots in the Dooars.