Kathua is the largest town of the district and is bounded by Pakistan in the south- west, Udhampur in the north- west, Jammu in the west, Doda in the north, Himachal Pradesh in the north- east and Punjab in the south- east. The most popular tourist destinations are Bani, Chandel, Bansal etc. River Sewa flows through the town of Bani which is known for its waterfalls, pastures and lush green forests. Kathua, due to its nearness to the border with Pakistan has a considerable presence of the Indian army.


It is believed that a famous Rajput, Jodh Singh of the Andotra clan migrated here about 2000 years ago from Hastinapur and settled down here. Later, his three sons established three hamlets known as Taraf Tajwal, Taraf Bhajwal and Taraf Manjali and the conglomeration of these hamlets were locally termed as Kathai.


By Rail: Kathua has a railway station that is located at a distance of around seven kilometres and trains are available from Delhi, Jalandhar, Karnal, Kanpur and Jammu.

By Road: Regular bus services are available from the towns of Srinagar, Katra, Udhampur, New Delhi, Shimla and even Chandigarh.

STD Code
Summer 8 to 20°C, Winter -10 to 10°C
Best time to visit
Throughout the year