Kanker , is a city full of small hilly pockets. It finds mention in the Ramayana and Mahabharata, as part of the dense forest area named Dandakaranya.


Handicrafts: Kanker's tribes are known for their handicrafts

wooden items made from the finest teak and white wood, including furniture, carvings, idols, wall panels
bell-metal items
terracota items
bamboo items, including wall hangings, table lamps, table mats.


Madai Festival: This tribal festival is celebrated by the tribes of Kanker and Bastar regions, to worship the local God(dess). It travels through the Kanker, Bastar and Dantewada regions from December to March each year.
In December, celebrations start in Bastar to honour the goddess Kesharpal Kesharpalin Devi. In January, the people of Kanker, Charama and Kurna celebrate the festival. In February the festival goes back to Bastar and Cheri-Chher-Kin is honoured this time. Towards the end of February, the festival goes to Antagarh, Narayanpur and Bhanupratappur. In March it goes to Kondagaon, Keshkal and Bhopalpattanam.
It is held in a big ground, so that thousands of people can attend the ceremony, which starts with a procession of the local God(dess), followed by worhip of the same, culminating in cultural programs, dancing and lots of good food.

Kanker district
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