Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a land that exudes vibrancy from all its alcoves. It not only cradles people belonging to different religions and communities, but is also home to numerous exotic tribes of India. This has led to its unique cultural and religious matrix that poses a colorful stance, as far as its festivities are concerned. These fairs and festivals interweave all the people of Madhya Pradesh in a common web and see much aplomb and gaiety throughout the state. In fact, the spirit of celebration is entrenched in the culture and tradition of Madhya Pradesh and finds best expression through these different seasons of revels.

The rich cultural riches of Madhya Pradesh have indeed, led to the birth of many religious and cultural festivals. A major progenitor of art, in the form of dance and music, the state revels in traditional cultural festivals that exalt these art forms. In fact, two of its most famous festivals- the Khajuraho Dance Festival and the Tansen Music Festival celebrate the traditional art forms of dance and music. Apart from these spectacular vaudevilles, various tribal festivals of the state add on to its festive spirits. Here, we have provided information on the major festivals of Madhya Pradesh.