Mamara Guhai


Mamara Guhai, literally means mango tree (mamara) cave (guhai), is a religious cave temple in the hilly terrain of Thiruvannamalai. This ancient temple is ideally located in the majestic foothills of Thiruvannamalai nestled among the breathtaking natural views and is the cave where the mystic saint Sri Ramana Maharishi carried out penances and meditation for six years.

Mamara Guhai enshrines Lord Shiva in the form of Vishwanathar (Lord of World). Two forms of Goddess Devi, Annapoorna Devi and Rajarajeswari, are also enshrining this cave temple. Lingams of local Siddha Gurus (sages) are also seen here and these lingams are worhsipped by the Siddhars.