Koodal Azhagar Temple


The temple is situated in the city of Azhaghar, the beautiful city of southern India. It is the temple of lord Vishnu with great monument of lord Vishnu encarved in front of the temple. Koodal is the second name for the city of Madurai and Koodal temple indicates the temple of Madurai as suggested by its name. It is one of the oldest temples in southern India and is one of the 108 temples of lord Vishnu constructed all over India.

The temple is very close to the main bus stop of Madurai and it becomes easy for the people to visit the temple once they are in the city of madurai in Tamil Nadu. Several different lodging and boarding facilities is provided in the place and hence it becomes convenient to the travelers, who would love to visit the place and take the sacred blessings of Lord Vishnu.