Kalakkaddu Sanctuary


You will have to move a little out of the city center as the sanctuary is situated some 47 km away from Tirunelveli. Covering a whopping area of around 223 sq km, the sanctuary is located amidst the western ghats. The sanctuary serves as home to animals like Macaque, common Langur, Nilgiri Tahrs, Sambars, Bears, Elephants, Tigers, Flying Squirrel, Panther, the list goes on. The flora here is also very rich and one can see spreads of tropical wet evergreen forest, tropical dry deciduous and thorn forest. Nature lovers who are also adventure lovers can expect a wonderful outing as trekking is allowed in the sanctuary, but for that prior permission from the forest department is required. Forest Rest House at Sengaltheri proves to be a perfect staying option for tourist who wish to stay a little longer for enjoying the cool and pleasant atmosphere of this serene area.