Juna Mahal


A deserted old palace, built in stages between 13th and 18th centuries, this crumbling, seven storey palace is filled with old frescoes and paintings.
The Aam Khas, or main living room, has impressive mirror work and glass inlays. The former royal hunting lodge, on a nearby hilltop, has sensational views over the town and its many temples.

One of the main tourist attractions of Dungarpur is the Juna Mahal. It is a seven-storied structure that resembles a fortress, dating back to the 13th century. Crenulated walls, towers, narrow access ways and passages were built in this fortress to impede the enemy. Adorning the interiors of the Mahal are beautiful frescoes, miniature paintings and exquisite glass and mirror work. The royal family of Dungarpur still resides inside the palace.