Hanseswari temple


Hangseswari Temple is located in Bansberia in Hooghly district. This 21 m high 19th century temple has 13 towers. The top of each tower is shaped as a lotus flower. The main deity is made up of blue-neem wood. The five storey idol of Ira, Pingala, Bajraksha, Sushumna and Chitrini follows the structure of a human body.

It is located near the Tribeni Railway Station which is on the Howrah-Katwal mainline. From the railway station, tourists can take auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws to reach the temple.

The Hanseswari temple nearby is an architectural splendour. Started by Raja Nrisinghadev of Banshberia in 1801, the construction of the temple was completed by the younger queen, Shankari in 1814, and cost 5,00,000 rupees. Stones were brought from Chunar and the craftsmen from Jaipur to build the temple. This 21-m. high structure of brick, wood, stone and terracotta has 13 turrets and the peak is shaped like a thousand-petalled lotus. Built according to Tantric principles, the five-storey temple carries suggestions of the five main arteries of the human body - Ira, Pingala, Bajraksha, Sushumna and Chitrini. Inside, there is a blue neem-wood idol of the four-armed goddess Hanseswari, an incarnation of Goddess Kali.