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Jahaz Mahal


The Jahaz Mahal or the Ship Palace, constructed in the 15th century, is the piece de resistance of the Royal Enclave and is an example of typical Indian romantic craziness. The palace which resembles a ship was built between two beautiful lakes, Kapur Talao and Munj Talao, to make it look like floating ship. When the Jahaz Mahal was used to accommodate the harem of Ghiyath-ud-Din, the ship had the crew only ladies.

The ground floor which is leading to the roof terrace is adorned with kiosks and pavilions. Inside the palace are three large halls with a huge bath at the northern end.

Architecturally, this memorial comes at the end of Mandu’s established period, by which time the fashion was imbued with qualities of lightness and grace, enriched with stunning colored glazes.

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