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Bidriware from Andhra Pradesh

This craft belongs to the the city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. It basically involves silver inlay on metal, which is very exquisite. There are many legends related to its entry and exit into the country and then to Andhra Pradesh.

Bidriware is shiny silver inlay work against a black background. Designs in pure silver are inlaid in an alloy of Zinc and Copper. Though the original home of Bidri is Bidar in Karnataka, it is perhaps one of the most popular Crafts of Andhra. The technique of bidri came to India from Iran (Persia) in the 14th century. It was Sultan Ahmad Shah Wali who introduced this craft to India and he and Nizam of Hyderabad made this craft most popular. Many craftsmen are carrying on the craft in Hyderabad. Bidri-ware has a wide range of variety. The designs are drawn free hand using sharp chisels. To keep the bidriware always looking new, Polish the inlay work withe silver polish and rub vegetable oil on the surface.

In the present day, Bidri craft has been customized to produce cufflinks, name plates and many more things.

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