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Kuchaman is a city includes a few Havelis in the Shekhawati style and a fort overlooking the city.


Air: Sanganer Airport located at Jaipur is nearly 145 km from the heart of the city Kuchaman, and taxi charges about Rs 3000 from Airport to the city. Jaipur airport is connected to metro cities Mumbai and Delhi. Foreign travelers can take connection flights from Delhi international airport, which is nearly 440 km away. Taxi charges about Rs 8000 from Delhi to Kuchaman.

Rail: Nearest major railhead is Bikaner, which is about 115 km from Kuchaman. Taxi charges about Rs 2000 from Bikaner to Kuchaman. Bikaner is well connected by many trains to most of the major cities in India.

Road: State buses of Rajasthan Road Transport Corporation connect Kuchaman to all cities in Rajasthan. Buses connecting to Bikaner (115 km), Jaipur (145 km), Jodhpur (250 km), Ajmer (90 km) and Delhi (440 km) are available daily and at regular intervals from Kuchaman.


Meena Bazar: The King and his fleet of queens would often visit the common areas across the city outside the fort. However, it was almost impossible for the royals to come out in public and satiate the craving for shopping (except under disguise). A special market was created for the queens to indulge in shopping and leisurely activities. The market aptly called Meena Bazar (Market Fair) used to be set up every time the royals demanded a visit. The name Meena Bazar is being used to convey a Grand Festive Market even today. It is, however no known, whether the shopkeepers ever dared to quote a price for their wares when the imperials were out for shopping.

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Summer 22-40°C, Winter 12-33°C
Best time to visit: 
October to March


Religious/ Spiritual


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