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Kishangarh is a small sleepy little town was once the capital of a princely state ruled by the Rathores. It is named after Maharaja Kishan Singh who founded the town in 1611 AD. It is the birth place of the Kishangarh style of painting, which is known for the beautiful depiction of a courtesan known as Bani Thani.

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Kishangarh was founded by the Jodhpur prince Kishan Singh in 1609 by Kishan Singh.

In 1840, Prithvi Singh, became the 15th Maharaja of Kishangarh, and reigned till his death in 1879, after which he was succeeded by his son, Sardul Singh . He was a courtier of the Mughals, and was rewarded for services rendered to the emperor Akbar. In 1818, Kishangarh first came into direct relations with the British by entering into a treaty, in common its neighbouring states, for the suppression of the Pindari marauders by whom the country was at that time overrun. The chief, who held the title of Maharaja, was a Rajput of the Rathor clan.

Maharaja Madan Singh ascended the throne in 1900 at the age of sixteen, at a time when the state was reeling from the impact of a devastating drought. The administration under him and his diwan was widely deemed worthy of approbation; irrigation from tanks and wells was extended and factories for ginning and pressing cotton were started. A social reform movement for discouraging excessive expenditure on marriages made remarkable impact during his reign.

The present maharaja sic is Brijraj Singhji. The town of Kishangarh has a beautiful palace-hotel known as PhoolMahal. The city also has a large pond known as the Gond Talav. There are many picnic and religious places situated at the banks of Gond Talav such as Mukham Vilas and Bhairu Ghat. The city also have a small temple of nine planets known as NavGrah. The Kishangarh Fort is being surrounded by canal that was built by Kishan Singh.


Air: The nearest airport to Kishangarh is Jaipur (135 km) and the taxi fare is around Rs 3000. Other airport is at Jodhpur that is well-connected to the major parts of the country.

Rail: The nearest railhead to Kishangarh is at Ajmer which is located at a distance of 27 km from Kishangarh. Ajmer railhead lies on the Delhi-Jaipur-Marwar-Ahmedabad-Mumbai line and is well connected to major cities of the country

Road: Rajasthan State buses ply from Jaipur, Nagaur, Haridwar, Agra, Bikaner, Chittorgarh, Bharatpur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur to Kishangarh. The tariff per seat lies between Rs 100 and Rs 300. The frequency of the buses is every one to three hours.

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Summer 32-45°C, Winter 5-28°C
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August to March