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Dausa is an ancient town of archaeological importance with an old fort and many havelis located in and around the place.


Dulha Rai, the real conqueror of Dhundar, was a youth of remarkable beauty and valour and hence got his name “Dulha Rai” or the “bride groom prince”. His fame attracted to his banners, the voluntary support of all the spirited chiefs in the neighbourhood. Dulha married the daughter of Ralhansi, the Chauhan Raja of Lalsot, and received as his wife’s dowry, half the share of the fort of Dausa, which his father-in-law owned. The other half belonged to a Bargujar family. After securing half of Dausa fort by marriage, Dulha Rai, with the armed help of his wife’s kinsmen and no small amount of chicanery, expelled the Bargujars from their portion of Dausa, and this city became the first capital of the Kachhawahas in Dhundhar land.


Road - Dausa is situated on NH 11 and is 55 kms away from Jaipur, on route to Agra.

Air - Nearest airport is Sanganer Airport at Jaipur about 70 kms away.

Rail - Nearest Railway Station is Dausa railway station situated at the mid of the Dausa city.

STD Code: 
Summer 32-43°C, Winter 12-33°C
Best time to visit: 
Oct - May