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Bulandshahar beckons tourists from everywhere as it bears testimony to many of the historical places.


According to the Hindu mythology, the Pandavas had an encounter with Prajapati Daksh, the father-in-law of Hindu lord Shiva. The place of their conversation, a pond, was in Bulandshahr in Bhuteshwar Mandir, which is in ruins now and the pond has also been taken over by encroachments.

The history of Bulandshahr begins even before 1200 B.C. This region is nearer to the capital of Pandavas - Indraprasth and Hastinapur. After of decline of Hastinapur, Ahar which is situated in the north east of ditrict Bulandshahr became an important place for Pnadavas. With passes of time the king Parma made a fort on this part of region and a king named Ahibaran laid the foundation of a tower called Baran (Bulandshahr). Since it was perched on a highland it came to be known as highcity, which was translated into passion language as Bulandshahr. At present this is called by this name.

The ancient ruins found at places Bhatora Veerpur, Ghalibpur etc. are symbolicof antiquity of Bulandshahr. There are several other important places in the District from where statues of medieval age and objects of ancient temples had been founded. Even today several historical and ancients objects such as coins, inscriptions etc. are preserved in Lucknow State Museum.

In 1857 during the first want of independence even Bulandshahr could not remain a lot by the popular explosion against the British rule. One message of resolution was carried from Aligarh by Pandit Narayan Sharma on 10th May 1857 to Bulandshahr.

The first popular alarm of feeedom struggle was sorunded in the bulandshahr district by the nationalist, brave. The gurjaras of Dadri and Sikandrabad area begain distruction of inspection bunglows telegraph offices and government buildings, as they were symbols of foreign rule.

The government institutions were looteed and burned to ashes.


Air: Bulandshahr does not have an airport, and the nearest airport is New Delhi, at a distance of 83 kms from Bulandshahr.



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