Goa has various religious mix of people and has number of holidays and festivals. During national holidays Banks and Post Offices may remain closed. Christian festivals occur on set dates. Hindu religious festivals follow the lunar calendar and therefore change from year to year. Following are some of the national, state and local holidays apart from local village events. Indian Travel Agent offers Visit India and explore India.

Goa festivals are an integral part of the state's culture and heritage. Among the festivals of Goa, some are steeped in religious undertones while the others are expressions of the fun-loving nature of the people. The long colonial rule of the Portuguese notwithstanding, the majority of the Goans are Hindus and as such they celebrate most of the traditional festivals.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the most important festival of the state and is marked by religious observations and rituals. The sizeable Christian community in Goa too celebrate their festivals with fervor and gaiety. Among these, the feast of St. Francis Xavier is the most auspicious one and devotees from all over the world come to Goa to pay homage to St. Francis Xavier, Goa's patron saint.

The Goa carnival is the most famous festival of Goa known the world over for fascinating parades and colorful celebrations.