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Suvarnadurg Fort


Suvarnadurg fort situated in the middle of the sea is surrounded by water on all sides. The fort was conquered by Shivaji Maharaj in 1660 and used as a base for Maratha navy ship building facility. Kanhojee Angrey the chief of the Maratha Navy spent his childhood here and later became its governor. He set up a powerful fleet of warships to protect the western coast of Konkan region from the invasion of British, French, Portuguese and Dutch. The fort is a landmark in the Konkan area.

Suvarnadurg Fort, also known as Harnai Bunder, lies off the beautiful Harnai coast. It is a small sea port built by great emperor Shivaji to effectively counter the attacks by Sindhis. Of late the fort had been converted to a ship building port in Maharashtra.

The Fort was exceptional in its appearance; most of the parts are in ruins. It brings the remembrance of the construction abilities of Maratha architects. It is a fort visited by many tourists, especially those who are fond of architecture, history and archeology.